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ODA Finds Of The Month 

New Finds of the Month Contest:

At each meeting, members may enter finds on the Find of the Month table.

Here, items compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place within four (4) categories.

Finds Entry

Club members in good standing may enter one item in each of four (4) categories: 

Coins: A small piece of metal, usually flat and circular, authorized by a government for use as money.

Other: Anything else you dug that’s not jewelry, coin or token.

Token: An object that looks like a coin and is used in place of a coin.

Jewelry: Ornaments for personal adornment, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, brooch like pins, tie tacks, cuff links, charms and earrings.

Each entry is made by filling out a slip for the appropriate category. 

If necessary, ODA officers are available for assistance in determining categories and assigning proper entry area.  It is the entrant’s responsibility to properly ID his/her finds, preferably in advance of the meeting. Though ODA officers may be consulted in this regard, there should be no expectation of their being able to make an ID.

Coins, their dates and mintmarks, must be plainly recognizable as claimed. Relics should be positively identified in a recognized reference, or on an expert web site.

A member must be present to make an entry.

Entries must have been found within the time period between the last and present meetings.

Items must have been found while using a metal detector, though they need not be made of metal.


Rules for entries for find of the month:

  1. The find must be made in the ground or water with a metal detector.
  2. Finds may not be from any organized club event where the item was planted by the club to be found during a contest or event.
  3. A combination of an entertaining story (set the scene and capture the excitement of making your find) may be used for an interesting, rare or valuable find.
  4. To qualify for finds of the month you must be a member of the Ohio Detectorists Association (ODA) with dues paid current.


(ODA) club members in good standing, and, (if a family membership), family members residing in the same household, may each cast one vote for a favorite item in each of the 4 categories.  ODA guests are also encouraged to participate in the voting until their membership is approved. Indicate choices by writing an entry’s assigned number on the appropriate line on the voting slip. All guests voting must be prospective members, meaning in the process of joining the club.

If voting you must print your name on the back of your voting slip. All voting slips without a name will not be counted. 


Votes should be based strictly on the merit of items, without regard to finder.


When all voting slips have been submitted, votes will be tallied, and winners announced.

Prizes will be awarded in each category as follows: (Based on available budget)

1st Place:  silver half dollar.

2nd Place: silver quarter.

3rd Place: silver dime.

Ties for Category Place

Normally, there will be no ties for any place in a category. If this happens each item that it tied will receive silver for the place the item holds.

(ODA) Detectorists Finds of the Year

At the annual ODA Christmas party we will allow each member to enter their best find of the year for each category. Members attending the party will vote for the best find of the year. The top two finds in each category will be recognized and awarded a special prize.

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