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The Ohio Detectorists Association’s CSI Support team will provide provide local law enforcement with assistance a needed to successfully locate metallic items of evidence such as, but not limited to, firearms, projectiles, and shell casings. This training will permit the investigator to find more evidence and/or find the evidence more quickly.

All members of the Ohio Detectorists Association’s CSI Support team will have completed the “Evidence Search Training Course for Metal Detectorist”. Our CSI Support program is run by ODA member Ernie Hudson who is currently an active member of the law enforcement community.

Director of ODA’s CSI Support program: Ernest Hudson:

Ernie is currently an active member of the law enforcement community since 1984. Ernie is currently employed with the Indian Hill Police Department as a Patrol officer and Crime Scene Evidence Technician.

Certified through the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab, Dayton Ohio and Master Evidence Technician certification through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.  Ernie has been metal detecting since 1989 and is highly proficient with metal detecting techniques and equipment.

What do we provide?

The Ohio Detectorists Association CSI Support team will come prepared with the following equipment:

•One or two CSI metal detectors.
•Additional high end discriminating detectors (if it’s a water search, the detector will be waterproof)
•Metal detecting CSI kit that includes bullet casing ID kit, Evidence flags and pin pointers.
•One to two trained ODA CSI team member to operate CSI metal detecting equipment.

Most Recent Success!
Wilmington Ohio Police Department

Members of the Ohio Detectors Association agreed to come out and use their expertise and equipment to help Wilmington police search for shell casings from an Oct. 30 shooting on Hawley Avenue in the city.

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