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The Ohio Detectorists Association’s Crime Scene Assistance team will provide provide local law enforcement with assistance needed to successfully locate metallic items of evidence such as, but not limited to, firearms, projectiles, and shell casings. This training will permit the investigator to find more evidence and/or find the evidence more quickly.

All members of the Ohio Detectorists Association’s Crime Scene Assistance support team will have completed the “Evidence Search Training Course for Metal Detectorist”. Our team of volunteer technicians are managed by ODA member Jeff Hagy.

Director of ODA’s Crime Scene Assist Support program: Jeffery Hagy

Jeffery Hagy- has over 26 years of law enforcement experience and is currently serving as a reserve police officer for an agency in Southwestern Ohio. He retired in 2019 as a Lieutenant from the Madeira Police Department in which he served as a criminal investigator, and later supervising investigations, patrol and property room. He is a certified OPOTA Master Criminal

Investigator and has received many hours of training in crime scene investigation and evidence collection throughout his career. He has over 30 years experience in metal detecting and has completed and is certified in the Kellyco Volunteer Forensic Detectorist Training.


Law Enforcement requests:

Crime Scenes-Active and Inactive

  • Shootings/ Officer Involved Shootings
  • Cold Case- Return to scene to re-canvas area for possible overlooked or hidden evidence or items that may link suspect/victim
  • Burial Discovery-based on possible metallic objects on body like jewelry, steeltoe boots, belt buckles, jacket buttons, watch-etc.
  • Suspicious Death/Suicide- weapons, cartridges, casings, bullets, personal items, jewelry, cell phones
  • Foot/Vehicle Pursuit if weapons/cell phones were tossed- area known and secured follow up after K9 tracks-discarded items
  • Fatal/Serious Injury Crashes- Vehicle part recovery
  • Evidence/Items- visibility restricted by snow, grass, shrubs, debris
  • Metal Detector Equipment - training and familiarity
  • SRO- locating hidden weapons on school campuses
  • Joint trainings-equipment usage and mock scenes
  • Missing person searches-trusted and trained to assist

Fire Department requests:

  • Arson investigations


  • Aerial Crash- metal parts recovery from areas obscured by brush, snow, grass,


  • Additional search personnel and evidence recovery- (see PD) 

(USAR) Underwater Search and Recovery Teams/Dive Teams:
  • Offer training and familiarity with Detectors/High Power Magnets
  • Shallow water scene searchs, shoreline searches

Bomb Squads-

  • Evidence recovery after a detonation and scene determined safe

Most Recent Success!
Wilmington Ohio Police Department

Members of the Ohio Detectors Association agreed to come out and use their expertise and equipment to help Wilmington police search for shell casings from an Oct. 30 shooting on Hawley Avenue in the city.

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